7 handy uses for your new Rockhampton trailer

Box trailers are one of the most popular types of trailers Rockhampton.

They also happen to be one of Australia Pacific Trailers highest selling products.

What’s the reason for their popularity?

These types of trailers are very versatile.

They can be used for both work and personal scenarios.

Whether you’re a tradesperson, a business owner or a homeowner…

A box trailer can help you achieve your goals efficiently and economically.

Here are 7 handy uses for your new trailer…

Lawn and garden

Do you run a lawn mowing or landscaping business? Or just like gardening as a hobby? A box trailer can be an economical way to transport your lawn mower, potting soil and other resources.


Has riding motorbikes always been a hobby of yours?

Being a dirt bike rider is a lot of fun. But it’s not easy getting your motorbike from your garage to the dirt track.

Having your own custom bike trailer means you can get to and from competitions with ease.


When it comes time to updating your furniture… You want to spend your cash on stylish products. Paying the delivery fee can be a bit of a bummer. But when you roll up to your local furniture store with a box trailer… There’s no need to pay extra to get your furniture home.


Do your work in a construction or mechanical trade? A tradesman trailer can be a cheaper alternative than buying a new van or ute. You can also get a custom box trailer to better organised your different bits and pieces.


There’s a growing trend towards self-employment. You might consider making the markets one of your side hustles. A box trailer can help make your day at the markets a little easier. Just load up and away you go.

Rubbish removal

Do you have a garage that’s packed to the rafters? When it comes to spring cleaning, a box trailer can help you clear the clutter quickly and easily. This will help you save on fees for having a rubbish removalist get rid of your trash for you.


Are you moving house, but don’t want to fork out cash for a removalist? If it’s just a local move, a removal van might be overkill anyway. With help from family or friends, a trailer can help you move your stuff in a few trips.


A box trailer is the simplest form of trailer you can buy…

But as you can see from the above list of 7 uses for a box trailer…

There are many uses for a box trailer.

Box trailers are smaller is size than other types trailers.

This makes them easy to store in places such as your garage, garden shed or another under cover area.

It also makes them cheaper and easier to run and maintain.

Are you looking for trailers Rockhampton?

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